Oh, Sandy.

So, at first I was all like helllll yeah Sandy, give me a couple of days off!

We painted pumpkins.

Ate greek fro-yo.

 and took daily naps.

 but then things got real.

Sandy hit and we waited 72 hours before we could return back to our apartment in Hoboken, NJ.

We live in a ground floor apartment so were told there was a mandatory evacuation for us by the Mayor on Sunday night. We looked at each other and said “not again, (this happened a year ago during Irene) do you think we should listen?” We decided to sleep on it and decide in the morning. I woke up on Monday morning panicking because the wind was so loud it sounded like sirens.  We left in a panic, throwing a couple of things in a bag with thoughts that this storm might get real.

Well get real did it ever!

Hoboken got hit HARD. Luckily we weren’t there to witness it going down (or coming up?) because the water was up to our neck in some places! Here are some pictures that readers sent in to Hoboken Girl.

We finally had the chance to check out our apartment yesterday and while we were expecting the worse, I don’t think we realized that it really could be that bad.

We threw out 90% of our things. Our bed, our couch, some clothes, appliances etc. It took just about all day to get it all to the curb for “trash” and it took everything out of us.

Now we are at my in-laws. Warm, safe and starting to re-build. As we laid out all of the clothing we were able to save on the floor, I looked at Adam and said “Well, this is our life!” and he turned to me, kissed me on my head and said “This is my life!”

How did I get so lucky?

30 days of thanks -Day 1 – I’m thankful to have wonderful in-laws who have taken us in with a warm house, hot food and lots of love!



  1. Hi Alyssa. This is my first time reading your blog. Tears filled my eyes while reading, then a smile came over my face. Cheers to the lucky couple with their new beginning and fresh start. Xox

  2. Aunt Wendy says:

    Alyssa you are a lucky girl!! This brought tears to my eyes. I am proud of you and Adam for how you have handled this difficult week. And the tough ones that lie ahead we are here for you. I too am grateful for all your in-laws have done for you. We (your crazy family) continue to run through many scenarios on getting up there with extra gas in our cars etc… to help in any way we can. We love you guys so much!!
    P.S. Love the new name!!

  3. Blessings abound even during the storms of life. So thankful for you – my baby girl. Grateful for Adam and his parents all for loving you.

  4. So glad you have each other. You have a gift for writing, love your presentation of new blog.

  5. Bonnie Maloy says:

    I am a friend of Kathy, in Annapolis….don’t know you , but I love you! Best of luck….

  6. Alyssa,
    I am so grateful you left, all your wedding gifts behind and have a new start where God will walk with you all the way. I am old friend’s with Pam, and pray for your continued strengh and love for each other.


  1. […] I missed out on the What I ate Wednesday because I was too busy unpacking since we are FINALLY back in our apartment!! […]

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