George & Martha’s

Friday night we headed out to dinner in Morristown, NJ with the in-laws. It was a long week and we were ready for some comfort food!

 (quick outfit we bought while we were doing 80 loads of laundry to save our clothes)

The restaurant we picked was George and Marthas and when we walked in the bar scene was poppin’!

Even though we had a reservation we had to wait a while to be seated. I think everyone was stir-crazy from being in the house so long and stayed a tad longer than usual. The wait gave me time to explore and I thought the place was very cozy and cute. I’d definitely come back again!

 As soon as we sat down pumpkin beers, red wine and spinach and artichoke dip were ordered.

The dip was served with homemade potato chips that could’ve used more salt, in my opinion. But still very tasty!

For dinner I ordered seared ahi tuna with sticky rice and wasabi sauce. I absolutely love this dish but always have a problem searing it like this at home. The outside is always warm but the inside cold – so when i get the chance to order it, I jump on it.

 (Whoops, got a little excited before the picture took place.)

I rarely never pass up dessert at a restaurant so we went with the hot chocolate chip cookie served with vanilla ice cream.

Yes, it was as good as it looks.

My fitness has slacked this week and after this dinner it looks like I’m going to need a good long run….on Monday!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend 🙂

30 days of thanks – Day 2 – I am thankful for my grandma. She always knows the right thing to say and make me feel at ease no matter what situation I’m in. She taught me how to bake, keeps our family sane and even though she’s always busy..shes never too busy to give me some of her time. 



  1. I am thankful for your Grandma too!

  2. ooooh that dessert makes my mouth water! loving the new blog title now that you’re MARRIED! can’t wait to read more about the wedding and see pictures of your gorgeous self 🙂

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