1 month

Last night Adam and I celebrated 1 month being murried! Heyyyy.

Big accomplishments over here! Adam told me not to get used to celebrating our month anniversaries but 1, 6 and 12 were acceptable. 3 out of 12 isn’t bad!

We headed out to a Japanese steakhouse in West Caldwell called Ginza. I am a BIG fan of Japanese steakhouses and especially their “yum yum sauce”. There weren’t many people here so we had the whole table to ourselves which was nice.

Dinner started off with the traditional soup/salad combo.

I always add soy sauce to my miso soup. #saltfiend

I went with the lobster & shrimp and Adam ordered the filet.

The only problem about this chef is he put teriyaki on every dish so everything tasted the same.

At the end – we were promised fried ice cream!

Hm, not so fried. But probably better off once you see the amount of oil they use to make your dinner.

 (We just got back from a long honeymoon – How did we get pale so quickly!?)

It’s been a crazy first month of marriage – but if we can get through a hurricane we can get through anything. Here’s to 1,000,000 more months of marriage 🙂

30 days of thanks – Day 5 – I am thankful for my wonderful and loving husband. Adam keeps me grounded when I act irrational and think I should purchase the entire store of J. Crew, reminding me “we are not rich”. But he also comes to my rescue when I’m in need of a new pair of boots. I feel so lucky to have found my best friend at my age and to know we have so many more years together!



  1. Happy one month! We just had our 2 yr and we both already didn’t get each other a card lol, enjoy the little ones while you can 😉

  2. Happy one month anniversary! I haven’t been to a Japanese steak house in forever and now I’m craving teriyaki chicken!


  1. […] front room was sushi-only and the back room served Hibachi! Since we just had Hibachi 4 days ago, we stuck to the sushi […]

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