The Mary-Land

I decided to take a little last-minute road trip to Maryland yesterday!

I put on comfy clothes, packed a huge suitcase and headed out for the 4 hour drive.

 (See fashion page for inf0)

My first stop was to check on my cousin Alex who had surgery on Saturday from a recent injury. I had sent him cookies from Lauren at Keep it Sweet  to cheer him up and I wanted to take a taste since the flavor I chose just happened to be my favorite too.

Listen, I know I can be dramatic, but OMG – BEST COOKIE EVER!

My second stop was to see my youngest cousin (for now!) and Aunt where I will be staying while I visit.


My aunt knew just how to welcome me back to Maryland…

Crab Cakes & Football – That’s what Maryland does!

We’re off to celebrate her birthday with a tough workout, a relaxing mani/pedi and a lot bit of shopping! Happy almost Friday!!

Questions: What is your hometown known for?



  1. I love Wedding Crashers. 🙂

    My hometown is Denver, CO and we are known for being really outdoorsy and really active, hiking, biking, skiing, etc.

  2. karen hogan says:

    You are such a dear family girl! So happy to have you on loan from Adam for these sweet couple of days. Love, Grandma

  3. Hope your cousin is feeling good! Loooooove this:-)

  4. Just had to randomly say that I LOVE those shoes!

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