It Sucks You In

On Friday I took a trip to target with my Aunt Wendy. We went there with a few things on our list (soap, slippers etc) and got sidetracked for TWO hours.

Target has all of their Christmas items out so it was hard to stick to the (boring) list. We did pick up a couple of fun things but tried not to go overboard. The good thing about going before Thanksgiving is you can still find things you need! Here are some of our favorite, fun, Christmas finds.

Lucky Charm marshmallows in hot chocolate? Yes please!

Adam is going to love these!

and these for me 🙂

Mint & Dark Chocolate = AMAZING

Fun for a Christmas party

I hope Santa is reading this – Because I’d love this in my stocking!

I haven’t tried this – but looks tasty!

So cute!

Festive Mugs

Clearly I love everything!

I love to switch out pillows – Easy way to transform a room

Perfect for a holiday s’mores treat!

Perfect for a mantle

Great if you have kids – Unbreakable!

Sweater Vases

Felt flowers – I bet these would be easy for a DIY

Yes. Yes, it is.

Definitely need to try this!

I don’t like coffee but this sounds good!

I’d like to make rice krispie treats with these! 


I’m telling ya, this place has the tendency to suck you in! I am not allowing myself to go back until all of this cuteness is picked over. I don’t need any more temptation in life..

Off to relax and watch football 🙂

Questions: Have you ever stuck to your list at Target? Or do you get sidetracked like me?



  1. I told Keith the same thing about the flowers and I’m pretty sure I could make the vases too!

  2. My husband is an executive at Target (like for the company) so we get a 15% discount on everything and it makes it even harder to say no to things! That Rudolph mix looks awesome.

  3. Aunt Wendy says:

    I must say by looking at all the pics we exhibited great restraint!! Love you punky! It was a fun few days. Aunt Wendy

  4. I must go get the red velvet mix, rudolph mix and those adorable sweater vases! Target is the death of my bank account.

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