Sunday Stuff – 11/18

Breakfast @ the hotel. Egg Whites, Fruit & Potatoes


Greek Yogurt with Granola 


Granola Toppings

Packed Elevator 


Drive home from Harrisburg, PA


Yes, Christmas music ALREADY!


Lunch @ a local bar to watch the Redskins game


Ice Cold Beer 


Chicken Wings


Broccoli Poppers 


REDSKINS WIN!!! (Sorry Jace & Jess) 


Dinner – Whole Wheat Pasta & Meatless Meatballs

Questions: What did your Sunday consist of?












  1. Why have I never had broccoli poppers?! Those look amazing!! My sunday contained gymnastics and yoga, and then lots and lots of pumpkin muffins 😉

  2. ugh, such a horrible game. I turned it off in the 4th quarter and watched Love Actually finally, though, so that made me feel a little better. AND OMG!! You were in Harrisburg?! That’s like.. in my backyard 😉

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