Vin 909

Thursday night we celebrated my Aunt’s birthday at a new(er) restaurant downtown Annapolis, Vin 909.

The restaurant was a small house in a neighborhood. They didn’t take reservations so we grabbed a seat in the lounge area next to the fireplace.

The decor was very comfy with bits of an Annapolis theme (yachts etc). We took a look at the drink menu (wines & beers only) and decided we would just have dinner in the lounge area.

Birthday Girl and her “baby” 

We chose a few cheese plates as an appetizer and the cheeses were simply out of this world! I am usually not a cheese snacker but I couldn’t stop spreading the brie on bread!


I heard their flatbread pizza’s were amazing so I decided to split the Autumn Harvest Pizza & Beet Salad with my Grandma.


Butternut squash, goat cheese, sage & balsamic glaze topped our flatbread and it was truly one of the best pizza’s I’ve experienced! Another thing that makes this restaurant one of a kind, is the local farm fresh and organic products they choose. You can tell that everything’s made right before they set it on your table and I always appreciate to know what I’m paying for wasn’t frozen ahead of time.

Dinner was almost perfect… Unfortunately, we had a man who stood in front of our table for the entire 2 hours talking very LOUDLY on his cell phone. “Oh you’ve always been my favorite” – “How’s Cindy?” – “Yeah, I miss you too”. I wish someone would’ve asked him to move outside if he was going sit on his phone the entire night!

We sat and chatted for a while and then I sneaked away to request dessert for the birthday girl!

I am going to pat myself on the back for choosing such an amazing dessert!

Chocolate Pot de Creme, which was a salted dark chocolate mousse and ganache in one.

If you live in the Annapolis area, check this restaurant out! There will most likely be a wait – but it’s worth it!

Questions: What is the longest wait time you would wait for a table at a restaurant?



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