Thank you for all of your kind words on my last post. Encouraging words and stories from others are whats helping keep a smile on my face!

On Tuesday we had a small service for my dad with our family that was local. I’m so glad the priest was able to fit us in because it gave us some closure during this difficult time. I’ve found the best way (for me) to cope is to go on with your everyday life and get back into a routine. Sitting around eating cookie dough in your pajamas in bed wont make you feel better. Not that I know from experience or anything…

After the service we all headed to Eggcellence for brunch in Annapolis. Not many places serve breakfast during the week so this was an eggcelent (har, har) find!


The restaurant is very small but had a large room that was able to accommodate the size of our 25 person party.

Fresh strawberry & blackberry jam is placed on each table so I HAD to order a muffin to give them a taste test.

Each day they have a fresh muffin selection. Tuesday’s flavors were chocolate coconut banana or a raspberry walnut. We went with the raspberry walnut.

Can you see the brown sugar crystals? I would definitely recommend getting this as a “starter”.

For breakfast I ordered the Maryland Omelet which included egg whites, crab meat, asparagus, feta cheese & topped with avocado. You had your choice of fruit or breakfast potatoes and I went the starch route. Their breakfast potatoes are baked in olive oil and have the perfect amount of seasoning on them.

Adam went with the French Toast and sausage. This meal is fool-proof.

Challah bread, dipped in eggs, pan-fried with butter, syrup and powdered sugar on top is always a winner!

My Aunt ordered the Mediterranean baked eggs which also looked phenomenal.

What I liked about this restaurant is they give you quality items and reasonable portions. You can tell everything is freshly made and you won’t leave there hungry or overly stuffed. If you’re in Annapolis – check them out!

Also wanted to say a big thank you to my wonderful friends Jessie & Michelle for the treats and surprises.

Hard times get easier when you have a great support system.

Questions: Whats your favorite breakfast spot? Is it a chain or a one of a kind?



  1. I love the Lazy Dog cafe which is a local chain only around the Los Angeles area. They have GREAT food, and are super dog friendly. You can bring your dog onto their patio and they will bring the dog a water bowl and a treat. We are going this weekend for brunch!

  2. That food looks great! I love that they have fresh jam on the tables! I will be sure to check that place out if I am ever in the area 🙂

  3. Can’t stop thinking about you ❤

    I would LOVE a Maryland omelet…YUM. What I would give for some good MD crab right now…delish!

  4. Oh that omelet sounds to die for, Alyssa. I am still thinking and praying for you many times a day. I am glad too that the priest could fit you in. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

    We love you! ❤

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