Gift Guide – Your Guy

I don’t know about you but Adam NEVER tells me what he wants for Christmas or his birthday! Guys can be difficult. They aren’t like women – We can find a million and one things that we absolutely need. Adam is a typical guys-guy. He’ll choose beer over liquor, likes everything spicy and anything with bacon, works out daily, lounges on Sunday’s and throws everything in his pockets on the table as soon as he gets home. If any of that sounds like your guy as well – these gifts would be perfect!


1. IPA Beer Making Kit

2. Sriracha

3. Bacon Lovers Gift Pack

4. Bose Portable Sound Dock

5. Personalized Leather Tray

6. Nike Fuel Band

7. Cashmere Sweater

8. Skincare Kit for Men

9. Beats by Dre

10. Lounge Pants

Questions: What are you getting your guy this Christmas?



  1. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing, I hear ya, my hubby is sooo hard to shop for too…Ugh! Men! lol


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