Gift Guide – The Fashionista


Wulp, here it is – The last Gift Guide of the year! This one might be my favorite because of how girly it is. From the Valentino look a likes to the personalized stationery, I couldn’t just stick to 10! So here are my top 12 gifts for The Fashionista in your life!fashionista

1. iPhone Case

2. Umbrella

3. Kate Spade Occasions Book

4. Passport Cover

5. Cashmere Snood

6. Stack-able Bracelet

7. Lip Palette

8. Pumps

9. Clutch

10. Necklace

11. Michele Watch

12. Personalized Stationery



  1. I have that Kate Spade iPhone case but I only use it in cushioned areas (…aka when I’m sitting on the sofa) because I don’t trust myself to not drop it and break my phone!


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