Tramonti in NYC

Last weekend my brother Keith and his girlfriend, Brittany, came up to visit!

photo (10)

We both went our separate ways while roaming the city but had plans to meet up for dinner at the restaurant, Tramonti. My brother was the one who suggested this restaurant and it was a good recommendation! Thankfully, we made reservations because the restaurant was tiny and NYC was crowded.

5 4 3 2 1

Don’t you just love NYC during Christmas?

After trekking through Rockefeller center where a million other people were, we sat down at our table.


1/2 bottle of prosecco for me. Don’t mind if I do.


You are also greeted with a warm bread basket and olive oil / vinegar for dipping. My favorite!


Adam and I split a salad that was on the specials menu which consisted of spinach, green apples, goat cheese, candied walnuts and a light dressing. I wasn’t a fan of these particular nuts (twss?)- they were too chewy. I was all over that goat cheese though!


For dinner, I ordered another “Special of the Day”. Butternut Squash Ravioli in a butter and sage sauce. VERY delicious!


Keith and Brittany split the gnocchi and a Caesar salad which they said was phenomenal.


It’s no shocker my husband had to order the most expensive thing on the menu – Veal chop, mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe. Since the only thing left on his plate was a bone – I think its safe to say he enjoyed it as well!



Paparazzi break while we wait for dessert!

027 028

Adam and I chose the ricotta cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was no joke. I think they may have put more than a pint in our bowl!? The cheesecake was amazing… Not too sweet, which was great because the Ice Cream was a nice balance.

025 026

Keith and Brittany went with tiramisu and chocolate ice cream. Clean plates all around!

We were going to head to Rolf’s  after dinner but well…we’re kinda old and were exhausted after a big meal! It’s probably best we didn’t attempt to go there because I heard there was a huge line out the door. Old people need sleep…


5 more days til Christmas!

Questions: Have you seen the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center? It’s so beautiful but extremely packed. I would suggest going the weekend after they light it – Not the weekend before Christmas (like us)




  1. Lovely photos! I have yet to go to NYC for Christmas but I tell my hubby that we HAVE to go before we move back to TX. 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award, details are on my blog!

  2. Steph @ Water, Extra Ice says:

    I’ve never seen the Rockefeller Christmas tree, or been to NYC for that matter! It is so beautiful though, omgsh! I’m definitely adding that trip to my bucket list.. 😉

  3. You two are so stinkin’ cute I can’t even take it 🙂
    I LOVE all of the pictures of NYC during this time of year…ONE day I will get up there to experience all of the holiday decorations…it’s on my ‘must do’ list!
    & your necklace is adorable!

  4. Such a great time for you all! I love how Keith’s fists are clenched waiting to dig in to his dessert! He can barely contain himself….

  5. These pictures are great – you’re making me hungry!

  6. Beautiful photos of you & Adam and Keith & Brittany! And of course I will always love NYC — Christmas or any time!

  7. Wow it looks so festive there! 🙂 I hope you’re having a great time in NYC!!!

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