26 Random Acts of Kindness

 I’ve seen this idea on a couple of blogs and the Today Show and I can’t wait to do it!

26RAK (source)

Lets chase the ugly out of this world with random acts of kindness! These are just a couple of my ideas but I’m sure some of my acts will be more “random” then off of my list. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and hope you join in on this project – even if it’s just a couple!

  1. Leave bakery treats for the mailman.
  2. Let someone go ahead of me in line (preferably someone with their hands full or an antsy toddler)
  3. Make my husbands favorite meat for dinner (even though I wont be eating it)
  4. Give a homeless person a bag of food
  5. Leave a big tip and note of thanks to a server at a restaurant
  6.  Leave a random $5 bill and a note to “pay-it-forward” someone in an envelope at a random place
  7. Send a surprise card telling someone how special they are
  8.  Leave my husband a random love note
  9. Buy coffee for outside workers on a cold day (road construction crew, etc)
  10. Send a home-made thank you card to someone who has made a difference in my life
  11. Pass out compliments all day long
  12. Leave a happy note & $5 gift card on someone’s car in a parking lot
  13. Leave all the coins in my purse lying around town throughout the day (heads up, of course!)
  14. Volunteer — anywhere — even if you only have an hour to spend
  15. Give up your seat for someone
  16. Buy lunch for a stranger
  17. Bake cookies for a neighbor you’ve never met
  18. Pay a toll for the person behind you
  19. Leave a “You’re awesome” note on someone’s desk
  20. Give a hot drink to the person ringing the Salvation Army bell
  21. Take flowers to an area nursing home or hospital
  22. Donate used books to the local Library
  23. Adopt a soldier as a pen pal
  24. Send flowers anonymously to a friend
  25. Donate blood
  26.  Pay for the person behind me to get on the subway


  1. Love this too. You’ve inspired me to make a list – even though, as you know, I’m not too good at lists!

  2. I love all of these ideas…such small things can make a huge difference in someone’s life!

  3. Such a sweet idea, definitely going to have to give it a try! 🙂

  4. Alyssa these ideas are awesome! I’m partial to #23 as a soldier. My friend just landed in Afghanistan on Christmas. I’m going to try to make a list myself. Such a thoughtful concept and very meaningful. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, gorgeous!

  5. I love random acts of kindess!!! Such a cool thing 🙂 #11 is so simple but so great!

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