Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

October 6, 2012 was a beautiful morning.


Picture my dad sent me the morning of our wedding day 

 I woke up starving and SO ready to get married! Did I really have to wait 12 hours!?


I headed off to a cafe and ordered a huge Maryland omelet (lump crab, goat cheese, asparagus, artichokes & egg whites), fruit cup & whole wheat toast. I needed to be energized – I had a lot of steps to walk down to get to Adam!

We met at Baltimore Country Club at 9am to start the primping.




I used Jessica from About Faces in Annapolis for make-up and she did a wonderful job! She also gave me my eyelash extensions which I miss SO much! My best friend and MOH did my hair and my friend Tatiana did everyone else’s.


I gifted my bridesmaids these robes from Love Ophelia and had them monogrammed at a local place in the Annapolis Mall.


My flower girls also came to get their hair and make-up done around 1pm.

072 (2)

When I asked my  bridesmaids to stand by my side I gave them hangers with their name on them (kinda hard to see). We chose the Bill Levkoff long chiffon dress in the color Pewter. I let my bridesmaids pick what style they were most comfortable in and they all ended up choosing something a little different.

057 (2)

My wedding dress was everything I dreamed of. Lace, a train, open back, cap sleeves and tight enough to show off my curves.

077 (2)

I took a few shots alone with my bouquet before getting ready,

080 (2)

While my bridesmaids shared a toast.

074 (2)

I was extremely calm all day. I told myself coming into the day to not freak out, that if anything went wrong nobody would know but me. I was hoping Adam was calm as well and couldn’t wait to see him!

136 (2)

141 (2)

147 (2)

Once I had on my dress it was time to give the first man in my life, his first look.

150 (2)

151 (2)

153 (2)

These are some of my favorite pictures out of the 600 we received. I know how proud he was to be my dad that day!

To be continued…

All photos taken by MB Photography



  1. Tears all over again….

  2. Steph @ Water, Extra Ice says:

    Aw, this is such a sweet definitely left me teary eyed! What beautiful pictures of you and your can almost sense the joy and peace in the photos. I can’t wait to read more..!

  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    Beautiful!!!!! You’re mom and I must be related….tears for me as well.

  4. GORGEOUS! I am so happy you are sharing wedding posts! I was dying to see, are you sharing more too?

    Hope all is well love!

  5. beautiful. Seriously.

  6. Yep, tears. for sure. BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING. Goosebumps ALL OVER my body. Girl, you are the prettiest bride EVER. No lie. And the moment with your Dad, breath taking. ❤

  7. sofitsogreen says:

    Not gonna lie, I teared up a little looking at the pics of you and your Dad. Love the blog!
    Fellow fitness and food fan over at 🙂

  8. Jessica T. says:

    Love your pictures and how happy you look! Where’s your dress from or who designed it?


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