Wedding Recap: Bridesmaids & Flower Girls

Choosing bridesmaids isn’t easy! In fact it was one of the most (if not the most) difficult things I had to decide on throughout my entire wedding planning process.

I have a lot of close friends, but Adam and I decided early on we wanted a wedding party on the smaller side. It was a tough decision, but ultimately I chose 4  friends that I had known the longest and 2 of the sweetest flower girls that have been in my life since the day they were born.

028 (2)

These four beautiful women helped keep me sane that morning – always making sure I had a glass of champagne in my hand!

Once we were done getting ready, we headed outside for pictures.

196 (2)

I wore blue Badgley Mischka shoes while my bridesmaids wore Audrey Brookes coordinating shoe in pink

 I can always count on these girls for a good laugh!

205 (2)

and these two to melt my heart with the way the kept telling me I was so pretty and they loved my shoes. (By the way – we ordered the flower girl dresses off Etsy)

200 (2)

My Matron of Honor Jessica – Jessica and I met in High School when she spit gum in my hair. Not the way most friendships start , but she’s been there through thick and thin and that’s all that matters now! I know I can count on her to answer my phone call at any time of the day or night and know if it’s going to be a good call or a bad one by the way I say hello.

201 (2)

My Best Friend Michelle – Michelle and I also met in High School but the start of our friendship didn’t include gum. We were dating two guys that were friends and we quickly became inseparable. I used the line “I’m staying at Michelle’s house” any night I was up to no good. Michelle was my number one partner in crime when we were young and crazy – now we’re both married and boring! I like it better that way.

203 (2)

My sister Ashleigh – Ashleigh and I met around 12 years ago when our parents started dating. At first we were both skeptical of a girl the same age coming into each others lives, but once we matured we became great friends. Ashleigh and I share the love of the Redskins football team, shopping and a good Jimmy Buffett concert.

208 (2)

My Best Friend Lindsay – I also met Lindsay in High School. We met through Jessica (they had known each other since Kindergarten) and we hung out every single day together. Making Britney Spears videos, traveling in the Summer and moving to Baltimore with Lindsay were a few of my favorite memories!

238 (2)

242 (2)

While I waited at the top of the steps (where you see the wedding coordinator in white – Side Note: so inappropriate for her to wear white) our bridal party walked down to “Love Story” by Taylor Swift played by a trio.

To be continued…



  1. Steph @ Water, Extra Ice says:

    You are gorgeous, your dress is stunning .. and I’m in LOVE with your bridesmaid’s dresses !!

  2. I made a future wedding note about your bridesmaid dress brand. I just love how they are coordinated yet personalized! And they have soo many to choose from!

  3. Awww what gorgeous photos! You looked stunning & your bridesmaids were lovely as well! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more photos! 😀

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! Who was the designer or was it custom made?

  5. My Bridesmaids are wearing long grey Bill Levkoff pewter chiffon dresses in different styles too! I love the shoes you paired with yours and am considering the same in silver. Did the brooch on the shoe snag on the chiffon at all? Were they comfortable for the girls? Thanks!

    • I did not hear any of the girls complain about snagging. I assume that they were comfortable for the girls as well as I did not hear any complaining about that either (or maybe they were just being good bridesmaids). The shoes were pretty though! Congrats on the wedding!


  1. […] mentioned before that my bridesmaids walked down to Taylor Swift – Love Story. The groomsmen also walked down to the same song while Adam and […]

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