It’s Wednesday!! We just have 2 more days til we get to Friday. Does anyone else have a 3 day weekend? It was getting old to have to work 5 days a week .

wiawphotobutton Head on over to Jenn’s page to see what other people ate this Wednesday!

Breakfast: Getting into this whole juice thing. I made one for Adam and I this morning and here’s what I put in – 1 cup green grapes, 1/4 chopped broccoli, 1 kiwi (without skin), 1 strawberry, 1 persian cucumber (without skin), 1 lemon (peeled without seeds), 1 small apple (chopped) with ice & water


Snack: Almonds & 2 Clementines – I’m eating 2 clementines a day to keep the flu away!

019 018

Lunch: 1 can of tuna fish mixed with plain greek yogurt, bread & butter pickles and lemon pepper seasoning. Side of Veggie & Flax Chips for dipping.


Snack: Powerberries…obsessed. Basically I just eat out of my hand all day.


Dinner: 1 pita and about 1/3 of my giant meal of Orzo, Tomatoes, Shrimp & Feta. We went to a Mediterranean restaurant with Adam’s family. The food was good but the portion was huge!


photo (8)

Corporate Outfit: Had to crouch down because I’m just sooooooooooo tall.  023

Questions: What was the best thing you ate today?

PS: 3 years ago I met my husband! I love you!!…since I know you’re reading this because you read your wife’s blog EVERYDAY, right?



  1. Love that outfit-I wish I had a job I could wear clothes instead I’m in my Army uniform everyday.

    That orzo dish looks to die for. Happy 3 year of meeting the hubs 🙂

  2. I have been juicing a lot more as well and will be eating a grapefruit shortly to keep the flu away! I don’t want it one little bit!

  3. AWW, I love your PS comment 😀
    I would like to get a juicer…just not sure if I would use it. But I LOVE how many nutrients you get in one glass. Pretty awesome, I must say.

  4. Cute outfit! I’m obsessed with sweaters right now, but I live in South Florida and it is just to hot for them 😦

  5. Cute outfit sweetie!!

  6. What are powerberries, exactly?! I’m intrigued! Two clementines a day is an awesome way to stay healthy this winter- try cooking/eating lots of garlic everyday too! The allicin is a super powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral!

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