Wedding Recap: Ceremony

The ceremony is one of my favorite parts of a wedding!

The look on the grooms face when his bride walks down the aisle.

The look on the brides face when she walks down to her groom.

Their vows.

Their first kiss.

How happy they are when they walk down the aisle as Mr. & Mrs.

I mentioned before that my bridesmaids walked down to Taylor Swift – Love Story. The groomsmen also walked down to the same song while Adam and his parents walked down to Beatles – In My Life.

233 (2)

I hired a singer to sing this song with the trio for my entrance.

049 (2)

I walked down the first set of stairs myself. It was VERY windy and my veil kept flying to the side and wrapping itself around the railing. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I was so frustrated and took the veil off. I had someone re-do it before continuing my walk.

052 (2)

Once I was put back together I walked down the aisle with my mom and my dad.


It was such a gorgeous (but windy) day – Can you believe the Catering Manager at my venue tried to talk me into doing the wedding inside?  So glad I followed my gut!

231 (2)

We asked my uncle to become ordained and serve as our officiant. He did such an amazing job personalizing our ceremony and making sure everything was perfect.

262 (2)

056 (2)

My friends Jacey & Ashleigh did our readings. I really wanted to involve them in someway because they were both there the night Adam and I met. Ashleigh & Jacey picked their own readings and we heard them for the first time that day. They did such a great job finding words that explained our relationship so perfectly. We are so blessed to have good friends!

269 (2)

Adam and I wrote our own vows to each other – full of promises for our lifetime together.

288 (2)

Instead of a Unity Candle or sand we joined families using wine. Both of our moms poured their wine into the glass which Adam and I sipped from. OK, Adam kind of chugged it. You can see that I’m standing as far away as possible because I didn’t want any wine on my dress!

297 (2)


Mr. & Mrs. Adam Kartzman!

Kartzman-305 BW

We walked out to the song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz while our guests threw the pom poms that were included in our programs.

307 (2)

Off to take our first pictures as husband and wife…racing to beat the sunset!

To be continued…

All Photos taken by MB Photography

Trio: Perfect Harmony Strings

Singer: Tomika Arnold



  1. So beautiful!

  2. Love this story!

  3. healthydivaeats says:

    Such a BEAUTIFUL bride you were! Gorgeous indeed it was outside! Glad you did do it outdoors!

  4. Oh my goodness you are BEAUTIFUL! I love the happiness radiating from you when you guys are walking out as Mr & Mrs. 🙂

  5. it was crazy windy on our wedding day (night) too! Probably a sign for good luck 😉

  6. Shana Menasion says:

    who is the designer for your dress?

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