Hellllo Tuesday! I haven’t been on the blog since last Wednesday and even though I’m completely exhausted I felt like I had it in me to do a quick survey.

I saw this one over at Chelsey’s  last week so here we go!


Current Book(s):

I started reading Girls in White Dresses per the recommendation of my friend Jacey, but I haven’t been able to understand it completely. Has anyone else read this?

Current Music:

I don’t really ever use our car so I guess the most recent music I heard was Taio Cruz at an event I worked last night.

photo (33)

It’s hard to take a good picture when you’re working

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Crunchy Cookie Butter. I.just.can’t.stop.


Current Nail Color:

OPI – Every Month is Oktoberfest. I got my purple Friday on for you, ravens fans.


Current Drink:

Water. Water and more Water. 

Current Food:

I just inhaled a vegetarian stuffed pepper.

photo (34)

Current Favorite Show:

We are watching a lot of reality TV right now but I CANNOT wait for Homeland to start back up. We watched both seasons in a week and I contemplate watching them again and again until Season 3.

Yes, I miss this.

Yes, I miss this.


Current Wish List:

If you ask Adam he will tell me I’m always wishing for something! If you ask me I’d just tell you a baby, a good job, a puppy, an SUV and 1 billion dollars.

Current needs:

All of the above, duh.

Current Bane of My Existence:

Not sleeping through the night. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM BRAIN!?

Current Celebrity Crush:

Beyonce because she rocked that stage on Sunday!

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Current Indulgence:

All reality trash TV – and I am watching A LOT at this moment.

Current Blessing:

My wonderful and loving husband ❤

photo (35)

Current Outfit:

Rockin my Redskins thermals. It’s cold!

Current Excitement:

Adam’s birthday on Thursday! I’m excited to give him his gifts and make a special cake 🙂

Current Link:

Going through my Google Reader, Gchatting with my friend Melissa, “Window” Shopping here and Recipe searching here



  1. Love your wish list! Just got my mom SUV and I LOVE it! ☺

  2. Love your wish list! I just got my mommy SUV last week and I love it! 😉

  3. that cookie butter is to die for. I ate it out of the jar only and I think I need to get to TJs soon to pick some more up. Swoon.

    I love that nail polish! I don’t think that you’re asking for too much 😉 I’m right there with you but replace baby with engagement 🙂

  4. I love love love your haircut. And that picture of Carrie’s face just made me so sad inside that I have to wait for the next season.

  5. YAY for the nail color 😉
    & sounds like you are getting ready for a baby, since you can’t sleep through the night 😀 You will have lots of practice!!


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