January Birchbox Review

So, I finally signed up for Birchbox!



Just about a year after everyone else, but I  had to get my nosy nose involved in it at some point. For those of you who aren’t familiar – Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription for high-end beauty product samples.

Here’s what was in my box.


First up was Skinny Chic perfume.


Adam compliments me EVERY time I wear this so I will most likely buy the full size. It’s average price (or cheaper) than what I normally buy and I’m almost out of my regular scent.


Lashem – I haven’t tried this. Honestly, I am a little hesitant to put a serum on my eyelashes to make them grow. I’ve listened to the side effects on TV from Latisse and one of them is “going blind”. No thanks!


Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo – I loved  this shampoo! It always made my hair feel so clean and I rarely needed to use conditioner when I used this.


Hot Mama blush/highlighter – I’ve used this once or twice but i don’t even have a brush that small to get to it – I wish the sample was just a tad bit bigger!


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – I like to switch my lotions every now and then once I run out. The price of $42 for a full size seems standard to me so I will most likely buy the full size in this as well. It was very light and helped my dry skin.

I should receive my February Birchbox any day now so as soon as I use those I’ll be back with another review.

If you’d like to sign up — feel free to use my link. At $10 a month it doesn’t break the bank and it’s a great way to find new products and figure out what you like and don’t like before you commit to the full price.

Happy Monday!

Questions: Do you get any monthly subscriptions? I get about 6 magazines and a red and white wine for wine of the month club each month!



  1. I am so obsessed with that Hot Mama highlighter/blush. I just use a big powder brush and dust my face with the part that picked up the product. love love love.

  2. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love beauty subscription boxes. Welcome to the Birchbox family :).

    – KW

  3. I’ve gotten a few Harvey Prince perfumes in my Birchboxes so far and i absolutely love them!! the other perfumes i usually try on and throw away but I keep using those! They are pretty pricey than all the others that come in the boxes but i think worth it, once i whittle down my crazy perfume collection i might get a full size.

  4. I am waiting to get my invite for Birchbox. I am excited to try it. I think I may also gift it to my daughter who is going to college in Aug. and will be too poor to buy nice makeup, etc.


  1. […] of so it will be included each month, but I’m just too picky about what I wear. Although, last months was a big […]

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