Floral, Bikini and Maxi Dress Favorites

It’s official, I have been bitten by the shopping bug. Maybe it’s the fact that I go on vacation next week. Maybe it’s the fact that spring is juuust around the corner. Or maybe it’s that i simply love shopping. There’s always the “all of the above” answer too. I think I’ll go with that one.

Like I said last week, I’m LOVING floral. I did end up buying the j.crew shorts (below) and they fit perfectly. I can’t wait to wear them in Florida! I tried on the floral jeans as well and they fit really nicely – I just couldn’t justify the $175 price tag (it seems they are on sale for $100 now). The peplum top and skirt are perfect ways of adding a classy trendy touch to an outfit. I debated on the boat shoes below in mint, but passed on them since I wasn’t sure they were “my style”. I’m kicking myself at this point for not purchasing them since they were only $20 and I can’t find them online in my size.

Floral Favorites

Floral Favorites by alyssakuminski 

Maxi dresses are always a good purchase for Spring. They cover-up your still pale legs, keep you a tad bit warmer and pair nicely with a jean jacket. Can you guess which dress below is only $23? My favorite is the first one. I love the colors, the print and the material. Must.buy.ASAP.

Maxi Dress Favorites

OK, so spring doesn’t really call for bikinis.. But what better way to motivate you to stay fit by trying on a new two-piece!? Bathing suits seem to be getting more and more expensive for less and less fabric, but a good bathing suit is definitely worth the money. I also threw in a cover-up from DVF loves Roxy in the mix. They just released this line yesterday and I’m loving the print!

Bikini Favorites

Questions: Is there a particular season you seem to shop more than usual during? I find that I shop more during spring because I’m overly excited for warmer weather.



  1. Brittany says:

    Can I please pay you to style me? Thanks!

  2. I have been in such a shopping mood recently, too! I am excited to swap my winter clothes for spring/summer. The floral shorts and Geo Print Maxi Dress are my favorites on your boards. I really need to get to J. Crew!! I also love boat shoes, so I would definitely wear those floral ones.

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