16 handles

We’re back!

We went from this…

photo (5)

to this…

photo (4)

Isn’t today the first day of Spring? I’m officially over the cold. Okay fine, I was over it in January. But now I’m REALLY over it! Now that we’re back and can eat like normal people, I am thinking of doing a sugar detox. We ate TONS of excellent food (more to come on that) and I’m ready to eat clean and get the cravings out of my system.

When we got home around 1 a.m. we had a treat waiting for us.

photo (3)

Thanks Jacey!  We didn’t let the 1 a.m. time stamp stop us from inhaling these.

photo (2)

I told Adam this was our last piece of sugar for a while but then I remembered something. 16 handles had their grand opening in Hoboken while we were in Florida, so I figured we had to give it a little taste test before this detox.

There are now FOUR frozen yogurt shops in Hoboken which is kind of ridiculous but hey, I’m not complaining!

We walked into 16 handles and loved the layout of the store. It’s open and has plenty of seating, including a private room with a pretty view!

photo (7) ((gloomy day))

Their name 16 handles means just that… They have 16 handles of different flavors (but no swirls!) including salted caramel, cookies & cream, cake batter, strawberry lemonade and much more.

photo (8)

Their topping bar is HUGE and they happened to have all of my favorite items plus some cool new-to-me toppings like tiramisu brownie chunks.

photo (11) photo (1)

I ended up getting toasted marshmallow yogurt with yogurt pretzels, chocolate chips and iced animal crackers with graham cracker yogurt, cinnamon toast crunch, cake crumbs and rainbow sprinkles on top. Talk about a sugar rush!

photo (6)

I’ve never been let down by frozen yogurt and this place was no exception. We live closer to the downtown location of Love and Yogurt so we will probably continue to go there since they are extremely similar.

Now onto that sugar detox :/ … Wish me luck!



  1. This winter needs to end NOW. It’s the first day of spring and it’s 10 degrees outside…no thanks! My boyfriend is heading down to St Thomas so I’m incredibly jealous as I stay here in the crappy cold weather.

    Froyo is my downfall. It was so amazingly delicious. Good luck with the sugar detox 🙂

  2. 16 handles is my favorite — I always eat it rather frequently in the Summer.. that can be a good and bad thing!

  3. I wanted to try this place! I was hoping to get to their free frozen yogurt day in Hoboken but was too busy packing for Florida! looks great though!


  1. […] everything we ate there was just no possible way to pass up dessert. See, I told you I needed that sugar detox! We ordered angel food cake with vanilla ice cream, caramel topping, blueberries and whipped cream. […]

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