Other Things to do in Palm Beach, Florida


 069 (2)

Catch a sunrise on Juno Pier (my dad’s favorite)

photo (13)

Can’t beat the view.


Get the potatoes at Palm Beach Cafe. BEST I’ve ever had.

photo (16)

Visit Worth Ave.


Get the stuffed french toast at Sara’s Kitchen

photo (18)

Go for a run (gotta work off that french toast)

photo (19)

Enjoy fresh lunches at the pool

photo (15)

Try something new (falafel wrap)

photo (14)

Get a tan.


Go to the Garden’s Mall when you’re too burnt to lay out anymore.

photo (17)

Get Breakfast in Bed (egg whites, goat cheese, spinach, roasted red peppers and chilis on naan bread)


Spend time with your loved ones.


especially your favorite one ❤

029 (2)

Catch a sunset.

banyan (2) 080911_Acc_Guanabanas_3.jpg

Have lunch at one of the coolest spots ever

118 119 120

Eat as much avocado as you can.

115 (2)

Play Golf

107 (2)

Take walks on the beach.


and of course, relax and get a spa treatment… You deserve it.

**For other restaurants we visited see 1, 2 & 3**



  1. Lyss – these pictures really show us that you guys know how to enjoy a vacation! Looks fabulous!

  2. Looks like such a fun vacation! It’s been a cold week in Philly. Can’t wait for Spring! Also, love your outfits!!

  3. Love Adam’s serious face playing golf!

  4. Beautiful pictures!

  5. I love all of this! Isn’t the Garden’s mall awesome?! I like going there whenever I’m in the area.
    Umm, can you PLEASE please PLEASE tell me more about those black strappy shoes??!?! I’m in LOVE with them. Holy moly. HOT!!!

  6. I really just want to try that French toast. Yum!

  7. Love all these pics!! My boyfriend is from palm beach and there are a few places you mentioned that I have not been to!! Definitely going to have to try them out!!


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