Sunday Stuff – 3/24

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photo (3) Couldn’t be in DC this morning so ran our own 5k in memory of my Uncle Chuck. #TEAMSCHWINK

photo (2) Refuel: Money Shot

photo (4) Temptation at Church. Adam was a sucker

photo (5)Hoboken

photo (6)Chipotle for lunch. Apparently they charge $2.15 for guacamole now — Unless you get a vegetarian salad! Score for vegetarians 🙂

photo (15) Baking

photo (9) aka making a mess

photo (8)It’s a wonder any of these even got in my batter


photo (12)Recipe on Wednesday 🙂

photo (7) Dinner Prep

photo (14)Cornbread Chickpea Pot Pie

photo (13) Very delicious even though it’s an unappetizing photo

photo (1) Pier1 is ready for Spring. WHERE ARE YOU!?

If you missed it: Weekend Post



  1. Colleen @ Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill says:

    Cadbury mini eggs are the best! (Embarrassed to admit that my family buys the 10lb bags from Sam’s Club.)

  2. Whatever that Cadbury egg thing is….I can’t wait for th recipe!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is the best looking dippy egg!!

    And that dessert…I cannot wait for that recipe!

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