Wedding Recap: The Honeymoon

FINALLY, I’m getting to the honeymoon! I’m going to break this into a couple of parts to save you from a billion pictures in one post.

A Honeymoon is extremely needed after the wedding. A time to relax, refresh and start your new relationship with your husband (or wife). I pushed to go to Fiji like craaaazy but Adam wasn’t feeling the 20 hour plane ride.


Our friends who got married 6 weeks before us were doing a lot of research on their destination and gave us some pointers. We decided on the Sandals, St Lucia resort and stayed for about 10 days (?) (is it sad i can’t remember!?).


The flight wasn’t too bad – 3 hours to Miami – 3 hours to St. Lucia but the ride once we got there was BRUTAL. The drivers are crazy and the roads are hilly so when you add in 2 hours of travel time it was enough to make me sick.


Thank goodness they were serving Champagne as soon as we arrived!


Our room was ready for us and it was the first place to recognize us as the new Mr. & Mrs. Kartzman!

048 049

Our room included a balcony with a view but we were expecting the room to be a tad bigger when we first saw it. The couple next door to us screamed WOW when they first saw their room and we immediately felt like spoiled brats. Truthfully,I think we were just expecting more for the amount we paid but it ended up being a perfect room with plenty of space.


The views were absolutely stunning at this resort and not only did we get to see them at the Grande (the resort we were staying in), we got to see them at La Toc and Halcyon too. When you stay at one Sandals resort in St. Lucia, you get to visit all 3.

057 065 087 112 140 213 209typical-sunset on-top-of-gran-piton145 108 71

I enjoyed being able to go to another resort so we weren’t stuck in one spot for the entire time. We were able to experience many different restaurants, lay out at different beaches/pools and experience the nightlife at all 3.

To be honest, we were completely exhausted every night by 10pm and didn’t experience too much of the nightlife scene but we did as much as we could!

144 075 195 filename-dsc01512-jpg sandals-granbnde-st-lucian sandals-grande-st-lucian sandalks-grande-st-lucian sandghgals-grande-st-lucian chocolate-buffet-night

Movies on the beach, dinner on the beach, St. Lucia Festival, parades, Chocolate Night, dance contests, fire throwing, a man who could sing any country song in the singers voice, beach BBQ’s and a local painter painting pictures in the moment for you were just a few of the nightly activities that the resort had planned. Chocolate night didn’t start til 11PM and since we’re old, we only got to see set-up. Whomp Whomp. Sandals did a great job of making sure there was always something going on — Especially during the couple of rainy days we got!

I’ll be back with food and excursions…



  1. GORGEOUS pics!

  2. Looks amazing!

  3. Looks amazing!!! Can’t wait for my honeymoon!

  4. wow looks so fun! the sunset dinner on the beach looks like a scene from the Bachelor! haha except better because you’re not sharing your date 😉

  5. My family and I went to St. Lucia years ago. It was absolutely beautiful, and I would love to go back!!


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