Wedding Recap: The Honeymoon Part 2

If you missed Part One, click here to see some amazing views and the nightlife that St. Lucia / Sandals offered.

Sandals is an all-inclusive resort which means unlimited food & drinks. I felt like every time we sat down to eat, it was for a 3 course meal. Not good for the bikini!

We started everyday off with a quick workout in the gym or a run on the beach. We had to do something so we didn’t come back 10 lbs heavier! Some days we had breakfast delivered to our room.


But most days we visited the breakfast buffet. They offered make your own omelet stations, french toast, oatmeal with plenty of toppings, fresh fruit, smoothies, cereal, pastries and more. My plate usually looked like this: Lots of fresh fruit, egg whites with salsa and a piece of french toast with whipped cream and blueberries.


There are plenty of things to do during the day when staying at the resort. My favorite was definitely laying out! Be sure to claim your chair first thing in the morning or you probably will miss out on a good seat.


and send your husband to the bar, of course.


Adam and I played tennis a couple of times — but as you can see from below, I’m not the best person to play with.

149 152

I am however, a fantastic golf cart driver.

232 229

The views in St. Lucia are absolutely stunning — If you ever visit, make sure you go hiking!

101 108 122 123 124 126

We tried two excursions. The first one was the Simon Says tour (we booked everything through our hotel). I go back and forth about this tour — In one way I felt like it was torturous, in another way I felt like it’s necessary to see everything.  We started off with a boat ride tour and when we first got on the boat it was raining. Wind + rain whipping into your face on a boat ride = not so much fun. Our first stop was the Piton’s. They are truly gorgeous and I wish the sun would have been out so we could have stayed a bit longer.


Once we arrived to the snorkeling spot, the sun had finally arrived.


I chose to stay on the boat because I was already feeling sick and didn’t want the fumes of the boat or waves to make me any sicker (yes, I’m a baby). After 45 minutes of snorkeling the rest of the crew joined me back on the boat and we went to the sulfur volcano.


I have never smelled anything worse than this place! It certainly didn’t help with the nauseous feeling but you get used to it after a few minutes. We headed to the hot tub and it was no joke probably 110 degrees. Against our sunburn it was VERY painful so if you do this, go on your first day!


(faking the smiles) — They ask that you get your face wet too but we snuck out as quickly as possible. Next you rub sulfur, which felt like rough mud, all over your body. OUCH.


Then you get back in the boiling water to wash it off. This is supposed to help your skin look ten years younger… Do we look 18 yet?? Once you wash the sulfur off it’s time to head back for a St. Lucian local lunch at the tour guides house.


Fish, rice, mac & cheese, veggies & potatoes were served. Adam and I loaded up our plates and felt guilty when other people were just take a tiny bit — We had worked up an appetite!

Once we finished lunch, we headed to the natural spring waterfall. This water was FREEZING. So we opted to not torture ourselves with insane temperatures for the second time in a row.


I know it sounds like it was a horrible tour…but I would probably do it again. It’s the best way to see everything in one day!

Our 2nd excursion was ziplining. It wasn’t a rainy day, but it was in the rain forest so it was damp. We brought a change of clothes to ensure we would be comfy for the ride home.


There were 18 lines and we hiked through the rain forest to each one. I got yelled at a few times for stopping too short. I didn’t want to kick the guy and would get nervous!

102 103

Rainy day activities included pool, board games and food, of course.


The pub:


The pizza place:


The crepes & ice cream:


More ice cream – I swear, St. Lucia has the best ice cream EVER.


Oh…and more ice cream in the form of milkshakes.


We made dinner reservations every night rather than just go to the walk-up restaurants. There was a restaurant we visited twice, which was Adam’s favorite – Italian!


The lamb chops were his choice and he ordered double portions.


I had some type of shrimp pasta — I wouldn’t have even remembered what I had if it weren’t for this picture since it was so long ago!


Our least favorite was the hibachi restaurant. I am a big fan of these in the US so I guess their different way of doing things didn’t compare for me.


The view was gorgeous though! Another favorite was the French restaurant ( I can’t remember the names, sorry!)


Adam tried frog legs which weirded me out!

200 201 202 203 204

Dessert after every meal.

There were a couple of restaurants on the beach and the first one we visited we caused a HUGE scene.


Picture every man in a restaurant crawling on their hands and knees with flashlights & metal detectors looking for my husband’s wedding ring that flew off in the sand. Yep, we are that annoying couple!


There was one restaurant you had to pay extra for that we went to – Gordon’s.


Another couple told us they had gone 3 times because it was THAT good. We didn’t think it was greater than any of the other “free” restaurants but it was a nice switch.


All in all St. Lucia was a great time — I think for a vacation that long we would like to stay at two different resorts so we have a change of scenery/eats. If you are choosing which resort to stay in between the 3 Sandals locations in St. Lucia – I think you can’t go wrong with La Toc or Grande… Halcyon was kind of a bore (probably why it’s the cheapest!).

007_7 (2)



  1. I loved reading about your experience at Sandals in St. Lucia. In August, my husband and I went to Sandals in Antigua for our honeymoon. We absolutely loved Sandals! We are dying to go back. I totally agree with you on the hibachi! It is definitely not the same as in the US. That was our worst meal there. I’m glad to see St. Lucia was nice too 🙂 Love the pictures!

  2. Love the pictures!

  3. Great pictures! We have been going back and forth about which one to book but this resort looks amazing. How far out did you have to make dinner reservations?

  4. Love these pictures too – enjoyed the smiles!

  5. I loved reading about your experience! We always talk about going to a Sandals, so St. Lucia is now on my list 🙂 You look so beautiful in all the pictures. I have to ask about some of your super cute outfits like the white crochet dress or the floral bikini? Where are they from?

    • You should definitely check it out! It was a lot of fun 🙂
      The white crochet dress was from South Moon Under (they have one by you!) and the white crochet cover up is from Water Water Everywhere. The floral bikini is from Target. They have such cute patterns there!

      • haha yes I do have a south moon under way too close to my house haha I’ve forbidden myself to go in there, but i think it’s time for a small peek! thanks!!

  6. Where did you get the peachish color dress you are wearing in front of the fountain in the 2nd to last picture? i love it!!!

  7. SO many memories 🙂
    Love the Pitons, the saran wrap breakfast (haha- definitely liked the buffet better), the Italian restaurant- we did that the last day as well. And we did Simon Says too!! Loved our guide, our food was different, but it was pretty cool having ‘authentic’ food.


  1. […] The salmon burger…wasn’t salmon. The pizza was OK. The wedding cake was DELICIOUS! My favorite was probably the crab stuffed avocado — I absolutely love avocados. If you’re wondering, yes — I ate ice cream after every meal just like in St. Lucia. […]

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