What to Wear on an Airplane

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m not on an airplane as much as I’d like to be (who will hire me as a professional vacationer?), but when I am I notice people are basically wearing their pajamas. I used to think wearing a Juicy Couture sweat suit on an airplane was acceptable, but really – why not dress to impress? Yes, I get it…You’re up at 5am and you’re tired – but you’re most likely not going to arrive until noon somewhere else so why not be ready for the day? Here are my tips for “What to wear on an airplane?”


  • I usually start with a maxi-skirt. I can tie it up at my next location if it’s extremely hot, but for now it covers my entire lower body.
  • I wear a tank with my skirt and a jacket or long sweater over top. This makes it easy to keep warm on the plane and easy to remove at your destination.
  • I always bring a pashmina. You can use it as a scarf if your airplane is extra cold, a blanket, a wrap and even a headband scarf if it’s a fun light print!
  • Flip flops are my go to shoe — Even if I’m leaving New Jersey and it’s 24 degrees outside. They’re easy to remove at the airport and comfortable for walking.
What to Wear on an Airplane


  • Wear compression socks on an airplane! (See above photo on right) My feet/legs ALWAYS swell up on an airplane and this helps them from staying normal size. Good thing you’re wearing a long skirt so people don’t see you in this unflattering accessory!
  • Moisturize your skin two times the amount you would normally. The recycled air on a plane really dries you out!
  • Skip the heavy make-up and go with a tinted moisturizing cream with a little mascara. Let your skin breathe.
  • Avoid salty foods and carbonated drinks. I know, you’re thinking but the stewardess only offered me soda & peanuts. Skip it. These salty/carbonated items will leave you puffy and bloated. Who wants to start a vacation looking like that?
  • Skip the alcohol — Drink Green Tea! Alcohol causes dehydration — Save those drinks for vacation.
  • Bring a perfume sample with you. Airport security will allow you a 1 oz perfume bottle so freshen up at your destination!
  • Pack healthy snacks — I always bring an apple, organic fruit strip and a kids clif-z bar with me on an airplane. Not only are the food options unhealthy on a plane…They’re expensive!!

See ya next week — I’m flying pretty to Mexico!!

Questions: What do you usually wear on an airplane?



  1. Great traveling tips. To be honest, I’m usually in yoga pants, a comfy shirt and Pink sweater, but I love the idea of dressing up in a fun, casual way!

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Every outing is an opportunity to look fabulous! Travelling style inspiration: Victoria Beckham…

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