Newport, RI – Part 2

Friday morning I woke up at a time where even babies are still asleep… 5am. I ran to the cliff walk to have some “me” time before a busy day with the bride!

photo (17)

I woke Adam up shortly after the sunrise and we enjoyed breakfast at Corner Cafe. It was 7am on a Friday and this place was PACKED. I don’t usually like to eat at the same place twice when I’m visiting a city but I HAD to go back for more. I will do a post later on the food because it was that good.

After breakfast we took a quick walk to find our future mansion. We’re leaning towards renting out The Breakers but it’s still undecided at this point 😉

1005068_831653324949_230325772_n 1011699_831653719159_1116885682_n 1016158_831653230139_764626592_n 1011697_831654218159_670994814_n 1045071_831653878839_1878981121_n 11476_831654043509_567271753_n 995816_831653794009_1877860915_n 1012625_831654387819_1176691774_n

Adam went off to play golf and I spent the remainder of the day with the bride getting dolled up!


After putting on our dresses, it was go time!

We got a sneak peek of the room before the ceremony and it was absolutely stunning! It was the perfect venue for this princess.

1043889_831655495599_8333460_n 1009882_831654767059_1468987994_n 1011150_831654881829_1991693403_n 1045024_831654946699_110995808_n 1017263_831654966659_566517408_n

I met up with my own handsome prince in between the ceremony and reception and he had a glass of champagne waiting for me… Thank goodness, because taking pictures makes you thirsty!

We had so much fun at The Fiora wedding and I’m so happy when couples get to experience the love of marrying their best friend. It’s the best feeling in the world!




  1. You look super cute in your sundress and gorgeous in your cocktail dress! I always love pink for a wedding–typical girl.


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