The Today Show

Thanks to everyone who tuned in this morning to watch the “re-purposing your bridesmaids dress” segment… For those who didn’t, I have the clip!

We had a scheduled car pick-up for 7am but Adam said they had been outside since 5 when he went to the gym… Talk about efficient!

photo (13)

I told Adam he was embarrassing me by following me out to take a picture but he insisted saying “It’s not everyday the Today Show sends a car for you”. Ok, he’s right.

photo (22)

The green room was filled with donuts, fruit, breads and coffee… I obviously chose a donut with sprinkles šŸ™‚

photo (20)

I went into hair & make-up and my “theme” was sexy/girly. They gave me voluminous curls and bright pink lips! I wasn’t sure about the color since my lips are so full but everyone assured me it looked good.

photo (18)

PS: Was sitting right next to Ed Sheeran and had no clue who he was…Am I really that old!??!?

photo (19)

Sneak peek of the outfit!

photo (21)

We walked upstairs and did a quick walk through of the segment and the room was super tiny – It had 5 different set’s in one room!


We’re next!

photo (1)

Click on the above picture for the video.

photo (23)

We had so much fun and everyone’s outfit’s were perfect!

Questions: Have you ever re-purposed a bridesmaids dress?



  1. so cool!! how’d you end up doing it? did you sign up somewhere or for work or something? sounds like fun!

  2. you look GORGEOUS! So fun! I love Lillianna, too.

  3. How cool!!!

  4. So cool!!! I watched that segment!!!

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