Wedding Recap – Welcome Bags

I thought I was done with the wedding posts, I really did. But when my MIL gave me an extra “Wedding Welcome Bag” that she had saved, I figured I could show you what we did.

During the 7 months I planned our wedding, I never felt overwhelmed…until it came to the welcome bags. I don’t know why something so small (and something that had nothing to do with the actual day) stressed me out so much. I didn’t cry when the Bridal store had ordered my dress a size too small, but I cried when someone in our welcome bag assembly line put two shuttle times in one bag (seriously!?). Clearly, I needed some sleep.



Our invitations (and colors) were grey with pink lace so we decided to replicate that look onto the bags. I originally had bought kraft bags but my moms friend Rene searched for these above! We ordered the lace from the same woman who made our invitations and the stickers from My Own Labels.

Custom Door Hanger.


I also ordered these on Etsy. Etsy really was my best friend while wedding planning!

Custom Cups.

032 033

My Grandma ordered these cups from a store that specializes in monogrammed items. We were thankful that she thought of this and that they were able to get them to us on time!

Water Bottles.



Not the clearest picture… We had two of these in each bag because who wants to pay $5 for a hotel bottled water?

DIY Crab Mallet.


Oh you know… Just another way to stress myself out! Painted 50 of these (with help!) 2 nights before our wedding. On one side we had the date, the other side was our last name initial (K). We wrapped them with a ribbon that said happily ever after.

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.


My Aunt Kathy makes THE best chocolate chip cookies so I, of course, asked her to make some for the bags. We tied them shut with a lace ribbon and I can’t tell you how glad I was to have these in my hotel room at midnight.

Crab Chips.


You aren’t in Maryland unless you have a taste of Old Bay. These are one of my favorite chips… Yum! Side Note: I heard they don’t sell these anywhere but Maryland. Is this true!?

Homemade Bride & Groom Pretzels.


Also not a clear picture… My MOH, friend Crystal and myself spent the Monday before the wedding making these. I think it took us 6 hours to make 120 of them but they were worth it! I love that I have creative friends to help me out. It would have taken me a lot longer to do it alone.



To cure your hangover the next morning…obviously.

Shuttle Information, What to do in Baltimore, Post Wedding Brunch Invitation and Welcome Letter.


We bought actual wedding invitations to go in the bag because I loved the print! We used the invitations for the welcome letter and the “response cards” for the Post Wedding Brunch Invitation. Card stock was used for the shuttle times and “Things to do” insert. I found the chevron print online and used that as a watermark.


If you aren’t OCD about planning, let someone else take over the welcome bags – it really is the easiest task of all and shouldn’t put pressure on you!

If you made welcome bags for your wedding, what did you include?




  1. And all the while, Rene’ at it covered!

  2. When my day ever comes-I am using all your posts as a reference. Such fun and creative ideas that I haven’t seen done before!

  3. No stress here! however I am a “professional” !! BEST Wedding ever !

  4. still want that chocolate chip cookie recipe!!

  5. I’m getting married next October 4th in downtown Baltimore…definitely might need to steal the Crab Chip idea!!!

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