Wrong Wife

Since my blog name has the word wife in it, I get A LOT of searches from men about their wives.  Do guys think Google know their wives and can answer these random questions and bizarre statements? Ha, the internet isn’t that smart yet boys. Below are some of my favorites.


  • How many inches of hair should my wife cut off her head?
  • Can my wife eat cheesecake at Rockefeller Center?
  • What day is my wife’s birthday?
  • Do something nice for my wife.
  • How to get a new wife at 70.
  • Wife share with a friend.
  • My wife at her bachelorette party in Miami.
  • How will I tell my wife I’m a pescatarian?
  • Throw shoes at wife.
  • Why does my sisters boyfriend have a wife.
  • My wife didn’t expect me in the kitchen!
  • My wife wears tight shorts to the gym.
  • My wife was once a husband
  • Should I make my wife lasagna for breakfast
  • Wife going shrimping
  • Show my wife how to do the Happy Friday dance.
  • Fashion tips for my wife
  • Wife honeymoon bikini
  • Tell my wife how to bake cookies


I hope they found their answers.



  1. haha the perfect post for a Friday afternoon laugh!

  2. LMAO omg this is great

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