2014 Closet Remix Challenge

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I’m a Shopaholic.


As I mentioned yesterday, I am doing a Closet Remix Challenge on Instagram.  The idea of the Closet Remix Challenge is to encourage you to bust out the items in your drawers with tags still on them, dust off things you have forgotten in the back of the closet, and pair unexpected pieces to create fun new outfits, giving a twist on your trusted favorites. You cannot shop for clothes, shoes or accessories for the entire month of January. If you have a date night, no shopping. Wedding? No shopping. Vacation? No shopping!

closet remix

I’m sure you’re thinking, one month isn’t that hard.. But, it actually is {for me}. I don’t think I’ve realized how often I was just searching for something when bored and pressed the “buy now” button or how often I indulge in retail therapy when I’m having a bad day. But, I’ll make it through these 31 days and maybe even some of February. Below are my outfits for the first 10 days… If you want to know where anything is from just shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

download (3)


I do enjoy this challenge because it is in line with my goal to spend less on shopping If you want to join in on Instagram just hashtag #2014closetremixchallenge or #30dayclosetremix.



  1. Aunt Wendy says:

    love that orange/tan sweater…where did you get?

  2. I just want to look like you!

  3. I need to do this for beauty products and nail polish stat… starting tomorrow once i use my Ulta friends & family 20% off 😉

  4. You have a great wardrobe! I still need some more staple items to mix/match but I have such a hard time finding things I love and that fit me well!

  5. Hi Alyssa
    I love all of these outfits you put together- it’s hard to pick a favorite! I wanted to know where you got the items in your pic with the green pants, black and white striped top and cowl scarf?
    Thanks so much for the inspiration- these outfits are so fab!

    • Hi Shannon!

      The green jeans are from J. Crew, the top is Ella Moss which i bought at Nordstrom (it’s navy/white) and the snood is from J. Crew. The flats are from Target 🙂 Hope this helps!


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  2. […] You can read about the 2014 Closet Remix Challenge I’m doing here. […]

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