Reading: The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand. I don’t know if it was the foodie in me but I really enjoyed this book! The author does a really good job explaining the food in such detail that you can almost taste it. Oh yeah, it’s a love story too.



Watching: SCANDAL! Thank you to my friend Michelle who got Adam and I completely hooked. We are actually paying for episode’s on Apple TV right now (which feels like an all time low) because we can’t get enough! Oh, and can we talk about how much I want Olivia Pope’s wardrobe? She always looks fabulous!


Making:  Tonight we Adam is making meatloaf (pre-mixed from Whole Foods) and roasted potatoes and carrots. (I usually do the cooking but he has off!) It should last a few days!

Anticipating:  Adam’s birthday so i can give him his present!! He knows it’s a trip somewhere since he had to request the days off from work but has no idea where we are going yet. I CANT WAIT.


Learning:  To be patient. Remember those goals? It’s harder than I thought, but I’m learning…

Listening to:  The “new” Drake album. I might dress preppy but this girl loves R&B & Rap more than any other type of music.

Wearing:  Leggings, a loose sweater and flats. I’m almost positive I’m the only person at work today! (Closet remix Challenge post tomorrow)

Plotting:  my vacation days at work. I need lots of sunshine this summer! I think last year was the palest I’ve ever been since I was born.


Current wish list:  Oh, this whole no shopping in January has led to quite the list for “Buy in February”.

Current need: Right now? I need it to be 5 o’clock.

Current indulgence:  Popcorn! Kettlecorn to be exact. I am completely obsessed with it at the moment and eat it at least once, maybe twice a day.


Current food: Sunflower seed butter is a new favorite. Try it, it’s surprisingly likable!

Current drink: This tea my hairstylist turned me on to. It’s DELICIOUS.

Current guilty pleasure: Chocolate chips straight from the bag to my mouth.


Current nail color:  Some type of sparkly pinkish/red shellac. I will be getting them done sometime this weekend again.



So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own “currently” post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out.



  1. Love elin hilderbrand……

  2. I need to read that book! I’m working on the Book Thief and want to read the Lone Survivor next–after those two I’m going to need something light-hearted for sure.

    I had to download episodes on iTunes of both revenge and scandal. I was so addicted but now I’m caught up so it’s all okay =)

  3. good tea choice, have you tried their Green tea tropical? By far my fave!

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