Standard Grandma Foods

This past weekend I set out to Maryland for a bachelorette party, Mother’s Day & hopes of meeting my new baby cousin. All 3 were a success! Sleeping, was not…but hey I can sleep when I’m 90.




When we go to Maryland, we usually stay with my Grandma since she has plenty of extra space and I can’t help but taste test everything she has out for “snacks”. Since Adam and I don’t keep these items in our house (we can’t be trusted), I know I can indulge when I’m at Grandma’s. There are a few things I can always count on being in her house.

photo (1)

Ice Cream: That is literally her freezer. Nothing else.

photo (2)


Pretzel M&M’s: Yes, I did finish off the bowl.

photo (3)

King Size Candy Bars: I don’t know how she can have these in her fridge and not touch them!?

photo (4)

Snapple Peach Tea: This one is for the boys — They drink 3 in a sitting. #animals

photo (5)

Kettle Cooked Chips: This is always served with Helluva Good French Onion Dip

photo (6)

Sugary Cereals: Bring me back to my childhood days ❤

What foods can you guarantee being at your Grandma’s house?


Bachelorette Party Recap

My MOH planned the perfect trip to Miami for my bachelorette party! We stayed at a boutique hotel I had visited once before, The Clinton, in South Beach.

On the way down my fiance (now husband) hooked me up with first class seating! I told him he’s now screwed because I refuse to ever fly peasant status again.

He also sent a bottle of champagne to the room upon arrival. What a doll.

After a quick change and a mimosa or two, we went straight to the beach to soak up some sun!

When we got back to the room my girls had decorated and filled a beach bag with items for my honeymoon.


Our first night consisted of dinner at a local spot on the water and continued with a cruise ride to see celebrity houses!

Scarface house

After a few drinks and some running around like we don’t get out much, we got all dolled up to head to LIV.

LIV is the best club I’ve EVER been to. The music and the atmosphere made being awake for 24 hours worth it. I totally can’t hang anymore.

The next day my friend Jordin surprised me by joining us! We headed off to lunch on Ocean Drive and the place was just meh. The problem about South Beach restaurants is they automatically add 18% gratuity on every bill so they just don’t care to give good service.

We caught cabs to Perry’s Pool Party where we might have had a little too much fun?

Gorgeous View

We headed back to the hotel for a power nap because we still had a big night ahead of us! Jessica (my MOH) made reservations at Sushi Samba for dinner, which was amazing!

Christmas Tree of Drinks

Somehow during dinner we talked our way into getting into LIV for Swedish House Mafia!

Amazing night. Amazing trip. Amazing friends.

Can we do it all over again?

Questions: Where is your favorite place to take a girls trip?