Currently Craving: Beauty (Sephora Sale)

I spent 6 hours WAITING for my webpage to refresh on Sephora yesterday so I could use my 20% VIB coupon. It’s rare that Sephora does a sale so when they do, you stock up! Clearly everyone else had the same idea since the website was down for hours. Below are my favorites ranging from fragrances to serums and lipgloss to dry shampoo. I have a coupon for a friend too so feel free to use my extra code: VPNFKF8XQ8J3.

Too Faced Everything Nice Set



 Dior Creme Rose Smoothing Plumping Balm


Bvlgari Coral Fragrance


 Self Tan Express Mousse


Nars Cheek Palette


YSL Foundation


Oil Treatment for Hair


Night Cream

s1047695-main-hero-300 Glam Glow Mask Gift Set


Bare Minerals Concelear


Urban Decay Naked Palette


Dry Shampoo


Formula X Nail Polish


Soy Face Cleanser


YSL Lipstick


NARS Lipgloss


Dior Sun Powder


Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Treatment Serum in One


Halloween Friday Favorites

Can this year slowwww dowwwwn? I didn’t realize Halloween was next week until my little brother texted me asking what he should dress up as. I used to go out on Halloween and buy 3 outfits for the “events”. But now I’m much more of a homebody so I think I’ll just be me this year. I do however, like any excuse to decorate – so here are my Halloween favorites!

Favorite way to store drinks at a Halloween Party


Favorite Halloween nails


Favorite Spooky Drink (add champagne)


Favorite no mess pumpkin design


Favorite Halloween sweet treat


Favorite creative couples costume (DIY)


Favorite tablescape


Favorite non-sweet Halloween treat


Favorite Halloween party decor


Favorite casual piece to wear to work on Halloween


Favorite creative kids costume (DIY)


Favorite Halloween centerpiece 




Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We have our shopping done (I’m so prepared!), but here are some ideas for you last-minute slackers… Which is me, every other year.

Mother's Day Ideas

March Birchbox Review

I received my March birchbox and immediately ripped right into it. This months theme was March Madness and “is filled with products that are worth a spot on your team—from fresh-faced newbies to veteran all-stars.”


My favorite was the Dry Shampoo but we’ll get to that in a moment.


Caldrea Body Lotion: I only tried the apricot packet and still have the other two to go, but this was one of the smoothest lotions I’ve ever used. The smell was in no way overpowering and you can only really smell it if you smell the area of skin where it was applied. It made my skin very smooth and hydrated.


Marcelle BB Cream: So is it normal that I’m a girly girl but I had no idea what BB Cream was?? I’ve come to find that it’s basically a small miracle maker. The cream covers blemishes and tones your skin in one. I also felt like this helped moisturize my skin much more than just a facial moisturizer, especially after being out in the sun for a couple of days!


Serge Normant Dry Shampoo — I’ve tried A LOT of dry shampoos in my life. Most turn my hair grey (not cute), some make my hair even greasier than it was to begin with and others just wet my hair. This dry shampoo worked as it should and took away the grease! I suggest using it before you go to bed to get best results.


Whish Shaving Cream — I would never spend $25 on shaving cream but will admit this makes your legs super smooth. Do people really use shaving cream to shave their legs?? Maybe this is why I cut myself so often…


Bonus item: Madewell Emery Board — I don’t do my own nails (because I am HORRIBLE) so this probably won’t do much for me… My husband will probably use it before me. Yes, he takes better care of his nails than I do.

Once again, if you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, it’s a box that comes once a month straight to your doorstep with new products to sample. For the price tag of $10 – it’s proven to be worth it for me so far! If you’d like to sign up — feel free to use my link. At $10 a month it doesn’t break the bank and it’s a great way to find new products and figure out what you like and don’t like before you commit to the full price.


February Birchbox Review


February birchbox has arrived, been sampled and now it’s time for the review! Once again, if you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, it’s a box that comes once a month straight to your doorstep with new products to sample. For the price tag of $10 – it’s proven to be worth it for me so far!

Here’s a list of what was in this months box.


 Dermablend Professional  Quick Fix Concealer –  I normally use the Trish McEvoy concealer, but at a price tag of $42 and the fact that it’s always exploding out of the brush, I was excited to try this! The color was spot on for my skin-type, it went on smoothly and blended perfectly. Unfortunately I am a klutz and dropped in the toilet after a weeks use. Good news is, at $23 I will gladly buy a new one!



Juicy Couture – Couture La La Perfume: I kinda wish that Birchbox would stop sending me perfume samples. I’m sure it’s one of those items they get a plethora of so it will be included each month, but I’m just too picky about what I wear. Although, last months was a big hit!



Twistband – Thick Headband. I have a bajillion of the Bic Sparkly bands (which I love) and this color was just meh to me so I probably won’t ever wear it.



Vasanti – Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – LOVED this. I use a Clarisonic and the beads were small enough to use with my brush. Your face will feel like you’ve just left the spa after using this product!




Votivo – Pink Mimosa Candle – All I can say, is that I want to eat this candle. It smells divine.



There was also a piece of ghiradelli chocolate filled with caramel in my box this month. That didn’t last longer than two seconds before it was in ma bellly.

If you’d like to sign up — feel free to use my link. At $10 a month it doesn’t break the bank and it’s a great way to find new products and figure out what you like and don’t like before you commit to the full price.


January Birchbox Review

So, I finally signed up for Birchbox!



Just about a year after everyone else, but I  had to get my nosy nose involved in it at some point. For those of you who aren’t familiar – Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription for high-end beauty product samples.

Here’s what was in my box.


First up was Skinny Chic perfume.


Adam compliments me EVERY time I wear this so I will most likely buy the full size. It’s average price (or cheaper) than what I normally buy and I’m almost out of my regular scent.


Lashem – I haven’t tried this. Honestly, I am a little hesitant to put a serum on my eyelashes to make them grow. I’ve listened to the side effects on TV from Latisse and one of them is “going blind”. No thanks!


Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo – I loved  this shampoo! It always made my hair feel so clean and I rarely needed to use conditioner when I used this.


Hot Mama blush/highlighter – I’ve used this once or twice but i don’t even have a brush that small to get to it – I wish the sample was just a tad bit bigger!


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – I like to switch my lotions every now and then once I run out. The price of $42 for a full size seems standard to me so I will most likely buy the full size in this as well. It was very light and helped my dry skin.

I should receive my February Birchbox any day now so as soon as I use those I’ll be back with another review.

If you’d like to sign up — feel free to use my link. At $10 a month it doesn’t break the bank and it’s a great way to find new products and figure out what you like and don’t like before you commit to the full price.

Happy Monday!

Questions: Do you get any monthly subscriptions? I get about 6 magazines and a red and white wine for wine of the month club each month!