Cafe Chardonnay

Cafe Chardonnay came highly recommended to us by my Aunt so we made reservations for Saturday night.


We were seated the second we walked in ( I love when places don’t make you wait when you’ve made a reservation!) on their upper level with a balcony view of the entire restaurant.

photo (discrete iPhone picture)

They brought a warm bread basket with a baba ghanoush spread at the same time they delivered our drinks. We loved the dip and thought it was a nice (healthy) alternative to butter.


We ordered the Caesar salad and Lobster Bisque appetizers to split with each other. The lobster bisque soup had TONS of lobster chunks and wasn’t heavy to the point where it hurt my stomach.


The Caesar Salad was a winner too. I don’t like Caesar’s at too many places since the dressing is usually heavy, but this one was perfect.


We skipped choosing from the regular menu and went with specials of the night. I chose lobster & scallops with a corn ragout. Adam chose the rib eye – The kid loves his steak! My lobster & scallops dish was phenomenal. It was a little heavy so I only ate about half but the flavors really mixed well. There was more lobster than I anticipated and the scallops were perfectly sautéed.


Adam’s steak was just “OK”. Personally, I don’t think steak should be ordered anywhere other than a steakhouse. I think he just got excited for the possibility of having red meat ( I never cook it) and ordered it right away. He said it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t amazing. His plate was still clean!


Per usual, we ordered dessert. The table next to us had a HUGE piece of deep dish apple pie a la mode that I eyed up during dinner. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before, but we ultimately went with the cheesecake at Adam’s request.


The homemade cheesecake was topped with blueberries and drizzled with raspberry sauce. To.Die.For. This was no small piece and we were stuffed before it even came out. Somehow we managed to clean the plate… Shocker, I know.

While Cafe Chardonnay is not as “trendy” as Coolinary Cafe & Christopher’s Kitchen, (we have a thing for C named restaurants?) it’s one of those sophisticated restaurants that serves consistently classic yet fresh food, has knowledgeable and attentive servers and isn’t overly pricey (like places in Palm Beach).

That’s my last restaurant review from Florida but I do plan on making a small post on other key places to check out while on vacation there!

Have a good weekend 🙂

Del Frisco’s

Adam loves trying out different Steakhouses in NYC so when I asked him where he wanted to go for his birthday this past weekend, it was no surprise he picked Del Frisco’s. I had to make the reservation about a month in advance to get the time we requested which surprised me because when we got there this place was HUGE. Del Frisco’s is located near Rockefeller Center and has two levels that can seat over 550 people. Impressive. It paid to make a reservation early though, we had a roomy booth for the two of us!


After we said “Cheers!” the feast began.


Our first appetizer was Shrimp Cocktail. I don’t usually like the cocktail sauce but since it came on top of it and not on the side, I tried it. Pleasantly surprised that it was a tad spicy and extremely fresh. You can tell the shrimp has never been frozen, which is very important.


After we ordered the Shrimp, I remembered I’d read raving reviews on their crab cake. Being from Maryland I don’t order Crab Cakes out-of-state but figured I’d make an exception to judge theirs.


It definitely had no breading (win!) and was very good – But I still like Maryland’s better, obv. The spicy lobster sauce it was placed upon was pretty tasty as well.

We also ordered a caesar salad to split – which they split ahead of time for us.


My dinner choice was salmon… Which was a tad overcooked, but hey – it’s a Steakhouse so I didn’t complain.


Adam ordered the 22 oz. Bone-in Ribeye which I believe was on the specials menu


Now the sides may have been one of my favorite parts.


Whoops a little blurry – I didn’t want our waiter thinking I was a weirdo. This was cauliflower & brie au gratin and it was soooo good – I would have eaten the entire thing if we hadn’t had so much other food on the table.


Oh and these. Lobster Mashed Potatoes? I think this might be better than Lobster Mac & Cheese – which has always been my favorite!

We’re not ones to deny dessert and plus, we were celebrating!



Let’s get a better look at this.


Banana Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. Definitely my favorite part of the meal, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone!

All in all I would recommend Del Frisco’s to someone looking for a Steakhouse in NYC. It’s in an easy to get to location, wonderful service, amazing flavor (a little on the salty side – but that doesn’t bother me) and a great ambiance. I would also only come here for a special occasion because I don’t think spending $300 on a dinner for two every weekend is in our budget 🙂

Questions: What is your favorite Steakhouse? 

Four Seasons Grille


I told you that we had some amazing food on Christmas Eve but now it’s time to show it! We went to Four Seasons Grille in Crofton, MD and since we had such a large group (20 people) we had our own private room.images 

I was starving since brunch was 7  hours earlier and immediately sat down to peruse the menu.


They waitress brought out fresh, hot bread and an amazing oil mixture with sun-dried tomatoes to start.

061 060

I seriously could have (might have) eaten the entire basket.


Prosecco for me.

We ordered a lot of appetizers and I tried to take pictures of some that were being passed around but missed some good ones like the crab and artichoke flat-bread, crispy calamari and the imperial mushroom caps.


Crab & Artichoke Dip with pita bread – AMAZING.


Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls – I didn’t try one but heard they were a winner.


Goat Cheese Brulee – By far my favorite thing on the menu!  (I think we ordered 2 or 3 of these? That’s how good they are!)


Mediterranean Meatballs

Some people ordered salads in between appetizers and dinner and I ended up eating my cousins Caesar salad who was sitting next to me  since he doesn’t like cheese on his… Weird child.

Once dinner came out I was stuffed but still managed to fit a little more in my belly.


Penne Capricciosa


Duo Parmigiano


New York Strip


 Cajun Salmon

Tuna Mignon


Filet Mignon


Cajun NY Strip

Mostly everyone in my family got steak and just about everyone joined the clean plate club. Those who didn’t finish boxed theirs up because the food was too good to be left behind.

The bill was extremely reasonable and the service was impeccable. Hopefully we get to go back next year!

We’re off to our last Holiday Party of the year and then it’s REDSKINS time! Happy Sunday 🙂